The Book of Secrets

A conversation between the Magician and God.

The Magician protested with God.

“But God, how will I know where the information lands?! How will I know if anyone reads it?! What if but one person finds the book, reads it all, knows the secret to life, and tells not one other soul? What if it falls into the wrong hands, or, worst yet, what if no one sees it?”

God, expecting this response, smiled.

“Ah, but don’t you realise, Magician, that this is the key to life’s greatest secrets. They are waiting to be found, yet the finding is not important. Their discovery may go hidden. It might rain, and the pages become sodden, and the ink bleeds and the message disintegrates into nothing other than a blur.

Would you not say that surrendering to this possible outcome is the greatest form of magic?

“Someone may find the book, and without a second glance, throw it away. An animal may pass, chewing it to a thousand pieces, digesting its wisdom as a quick snack and leaving it the next day to nourish the soil.

The Magician, now understanding God’s plan, smiled too.

“Ah, I see,” he replied. “ Then I shall get writing straight away! I will listen to what you have to share with me and I shall write all of life’s secrets. I will carefully spell-bind the book, with every cell and fibre of my being, imbuing it with all the magic I can muster.

And so, God began to talk to the Magician.

“In the beginning, all was one…”

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