A non-linear spiritual awakening through future, past, and present.

The fluorescent light of my mind’s eye flickers as foresight fades. A buzzing oscillation, an electric pang, a plunge into darkness. My future disappears. I am alone, suspended in time, reaching out for something concrete to hold, to escape temporal isolation.

All I find is empty space.

Is the future…

Inspired by Viktor Frankl’s reflection on deeds done, loves loved, and sufferings faced with courage.

Last weekend I set up an at-home retreat. I set the intention of perspective, clarity, and reflection on the past few months. The idea was to journal and meditate, but first I was overcome by a spontaneous and suddenly very important need to tidy my apartment.

At first I resisted…

How grief can teach us to give the green light to processing emotions.

This time last year my aunt died. Two years ago my nan died. It feels strange to write, but these were the first deaths I grieved in a way that feels… healthy.

My uncle died after an unexpected and brutal fight with cancer when I was 13. My girlfriend’s mum…

Is dream-chasing a practice of faith in life’s great mystery?

What does it mean to chase a dream? A chase hints at desperation: I think of X-Factor contestants who feel they have a God-given talent, only to open their mouths and insult Simon Cowell. …

To discover the hidden treasures of the soul, poetry is the language we must use.

The ineffable is impossible to capture in language, yet poetry offers an attempt to translate. Merriam-Webster defines poetry as: “ writing that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience in language chosen and arranged to create a specific emotional response through meaning, sound, and rhythm.”

The word poetic is a…

Story Spotlight

Practical philosophy to guide us through challenging times

The urgent issues facing humanity in 2021 require solutions on multiple levels: the transcendental and the personal, the individual and collective, the vast and the precise.

How do we coexist in harmony and create a better world? How do we protect the planet and look after ourselves? …

Learning the language of the cosmos is like learning to swim

Wave. /weɪv/. Noun: 1. a long body of water curling into an arched form and breaking on the shore.

August 2020. I tilt my birthday card back and forth. Waves, formidable and frozen behind plastic, shift, ever-so-slightly. …

Understanding the truth-seeking impulse and the difference between spiritual truth and narrative truth.

The human impulse to seek truth is like a plant’s impulse to grow towards the sun. It’s an innate part of our DNA. But what represents the sun? What are we instinctively drawn towards? It’s our true nature, the self residing not in the sky, but in the soul.


A conversation between the Magician and God.

From a dream, or a half-sleep state, the magician awoke in communication with God. God told the magician that he was about to tell him all there was to know about life, the Holy Grail of truth.

However, there was one caveat.

The magician, in writing down these ideas and…

How to use a grief ritual to allow emotional storms to pass.

The word petrichor is as beautiful as nature itself. It combines the Greek petra (stone) and īchōr, which in Greek mythology is the “ethereal fluid that makes the blood of Gods immortal.” Petrichor describes the sweet scent of freshly fallen rain, a smell somehow grounding and expansive.

As clouds gather…

Ricky Derisz

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